Drug Policy

National Policy on Integrity and Gambling (Match Fixing)

The Association supports the Drug Policy of Australian International Shooting where it applies to those of our members who compete, or aspire to compete, in an elite area at the National and International Levels of our sport.
The Association supports Australian International National Policy on Integrity and Gambling in our sport.
Risk Management Policy Last updated July 2011
Disability Policy The Association supports the Shooting Australia Disability Policy

Member Protection Policy

TRSA and Clubs Child safe Policy

Code of Conduct (reviewed Dec 2014)

Life Member Policy

The Association has adopted the Member Protection Policy of Target Rifle Australia.



State Teams selection Policy This policy covers the method for State Team Selection for the series of State Postal Teams, namely the Graham Lawler Air Rifle State Teams matches, the Warren Potent 50m Prone State Teams Matches, and future Junior 50m State Postal Teams and Three Postion State Postal Teams series.
Health Related Policies (reviewed Dec 2014) Health & Safety Policy
Hot Weather Policy
No Smoking Policy
Lead Handling Policy
Dust Policy
Policies Specific to the use of the State Range (reviewed Dec 2014) Age Policy for Children Shooting as a Casual Visitor to the State Range at Wingfield
Range use Policy
Range Rules
Illness, Accidents and Emergency Policy