Please note that a shooter needs to have at least 4 recorded scores for a true ranking.
A shooter with less than 4 recorded scores has  been given a temporary ranking in accordance
with scores provided to date (see red highlights), and may be adjusted.
Grades were determined from scores shot during 2022 .



 TRSA Benchrest Series and ISSF Super Saturday Series Results

ISSF Super Saturday Graded Results
Last updated on 29/5/2023
Benchrest Points Series Graded Results 
Last updated on 22/5/2023
December 4th

South Australian Shooting Assoc Junior Champs.

November 27

Super Saturday

 November 21-22

MISC Grand Prix

Wingfield OPen Prize Shoot 

November 4-7 Adelaide Grand Prix
October 30th Super Saturday - all events
October 16/17  Renmark Open Prize Shoot
September 25   September Super Saturday - all events
August 28 August Super Saturday - all events
July 31 Super Saturday Cancelled due to Covid
June 25-27


May 29

May Super Saturday
Air      Air Finals      Prone


May 22-23 Results East Marden Open Competition
April 30-May 2

(and Qualification Event)

April 23-25  Morgan Open Competition
March 25-27  March Super Saturday
Air, Prone, Bench1,2,3

Complete Results for Grand Prix
March 13/14


Results:  State Benchrest  & Supported Air Rifle

Feb 27/28

February Super Saturday
Prone &Air
Benchrest 1,2,3

On-line Rifle Performance Series /Vic State Champs

Feb 20th Reynella Club Open - ISSF Air Rifle & Supported Air Rifle
Feb 13th

Reynella Club Open - 20 metres events

Complete Results for Feb Grand Prix

Jan 30th January Super Saturday
Air Rifle & Prone
Benchrest 1,2,3
3x40:  Qualification          Finals
50m Prone:  Qualification
Air Rifle Mixed Teams:  Rounds 1 and 2    Bronze medal match      Gold medal match
Air Rifle Open:    Qualification        Finals
Oct 29-30 Adelaide Grand Prix
3-Position, Air Rifle, Prone, Benchrest 1, 2 & 3
Oct 24th  Round 9 Friendly Competition
Oct. 12th Round 8 Friendly Competition
Sept 24-27 State Championships
...... 3x40 3-Position
.........Air Rifle
.........Air Rifle Challenge
.........20m Prone
.........50m Prone

Round 7 Friendly Competition

Sep.12th Round 6 Friendly Competition
..........   Ranking after round 6
Aug.29th Super Saturday - Open Competitions
          Individual Grades          Club Teams
Aug.29th Round 5 Friendly Competition
Aug.15th Round 4 Friendly Competitions
July 24th Round 3 Friendly Competition
........     Ranking after Round 3
July 18th Petr Kurka's Friendly Competition
............Ranking after Round 2
July 4th Round 1 - Petr Kurka's Friendly Competition
Olympic Trials - Friday 20th - 3x40


Olympic Trials - Saturday 21st - Air Rifle


State Benchrest Champs:
20m Bench Classes 1, 2 & 3 and Supported Air
50m Classes 1, 2 & 3
29th -
March 3rd
Super Saturday and Olympic Games Test Matches

Feb 29th:
Women Air Rifle Qualification 3
Women Finals
Men Air Rifle Qualification 3
Men Finals
Sup Sat Prone

Mar 2nd:
Women 3x40 Qualification 2
Women 3x40 Finals
Men 3x40 Qualifiction 2
Men 3x40 Finals

Mar 3rd:
Women 3x40 Qualification 3
Women 3x40 Finals
Men 3x40 Qualifiction 3
Men 3x40 Finals

Reynella Club Open

22nd Air Rifle Events:
Grades (suported & ISSF)
Open ISSF Standing

23rd 20m Events:
Prone & Benchrest Air Rifle
Benchrest Class 1, 2 & 3

Adelaide Cup 1 - Olympic Games Test Matches

Results 15th:
Women Air Rifle Qual
Women Air Finals
Men Air Rifle Qual
Men Air Finals

Results 16th:
Women Air Rifle Qual
Women Air Finals
Men Air Rifle Qual
Men Air Finals

Results 18th:
Women 3x40 Qual
Women 3x40 Finals
Men 3x40 Qual
Men 3x40 Finals

December 7th South Australian Shooting Association Junior Championship Results
November 30th November Super Saturday
November 24-25th Wingfield Club Open
October 26th Super Saturday Air and 50m Prone -- Team Results
October 10-20th Renmark Open
October 5-7th Master Games:
3 Position
20m Prone
50m Bench
Air Bench
ISSF Air Standing
50 Prone
20m Bench Class 1&3
Supported Air
50m Any Sights Prone
September 28th Super Saturday September -- Club Teams to Date
September 21-22nd Narcoorte Open Shoot:
Air Rifle Events
90 metre
50 metre
Dual Range
August 31st Super Saturday
August 17-18th Benchrest Cup:
20m section
50m section
August 9-11th Adelaide Cup:
3x40 Women & Men
Prone Women & Men
Air Rifle Men & Women

Air Mixed Teams:
Bronze Medal
Gold Medal

July 27th Super Saturday
June 29th Super Saturday (Note - the Clubs Teams competition will continue until November)
June 9-10th Mildura Open
May 25-26th East Marden Open
May 25th Super Saturday
May 4-5th State ISSF Championships:
Air Rifle Open
Air Rifle Finals - Men & Women
Air Rifle Grades
50m Prone Qualification
50m Prone Finals
50m Grades
R3 Prone Air Rifle
Three Position
20m Prone Grades
April 27th Super Saturday April - congratulations to Para for winning Club Teams Air Rifle and to Adelaide for winning Club Teams 50m Prone
April 5-7th Morgan Open
March 29-31st SA Performance Super Saturday:
3 Position Men & Women
R3 & R5 Air Prone
Air Standing Men, Women, R1 & R4
50m Prone Men, Women, R6 & R9
Mixed Air Teams
Mixed Teams Finals
March 16-17th State Benchrest Champ:
20 Metres
50 Metres
Air Benchrest 20m
Air Supported
Any Sights Prone
February 23rd Super Saturday:
Air Rifle
February 15-17th Adelaide Cup 1:
Air Rifle Mixed Teams
Individual Air Rifle (Men & Women)
February 8-10th Reynella Club Open:
Air Rifle
November 17th SASA Junior Championship
November 10-11th Wingfield Club Open
November 3rd Super Saturday
October 21-22nd Renmark Open Results
October 6th October Super Saturday
September 15-16th

Narcoorte Open:

Dual Range (Prone, Benchrest Class 1 & 3)
Air Rifle (Standing, Supported and 20m Bench)

September 1st Super Saturday
August 11-12th

Benchrest Cup:

Class 1 & 3
Supported Air Rifle

August 4-6th Shooting Australia Performance Event (Air Rifle, Men, Women, Mixed Teams, R1, R3, Prone Men, Prone Women, R6)
July 7th Super Saturday
June 9-10th Mildura Results
June 2nd Super Saturday
May 26-27nd East Marden Open
May 5-7th TRSA State ISSF Championships
April 21-22nd Morgan Open
April 7th Super Saturday
March 17-18th TRSA State Benchrest and Alternative Events Championship
March 3rd Super Saturday
February 23-25th

Reynella Open:

Air Standing & Air Supported
60 Shot Prone, Bench & Air Bench
40 Shot Prone & Bench

February 3rd Super Saturday
November 19th SA Shooting Association Junior Championship
November 12-13th Wingfield Club Open Shoot
November 5th Super Saturday
October 15 & 16th Renmark Open Results
October 8th October Super Saturday
September 17-18th Narcoorte Open:
22 events
Air Rifle events
September 9-11th 4th Austrlia Cup
September 3rd Super Saturday
August 13-15th Benchrest Cup Dual Range Aggregate Classes 1 & 3
20 metre Squads
50 metre Squads (not class and grade not sorted in "squads")
Supported Air Rifle
August 7th Super Olympic Saturday
July 7-10th Shooting Australia Grand Prix in Adelaide
July 2nd Super Saturday - Air Rifle
Super Saturday 50 metres
June 11-12th Mildura Open
June 4th Super Saturday - Air Rifle
Super Saturday - Prone
May 20-22nd Shooting Australia Aus Cup 3
May 14-15th State Championships ISSF events and 20 metres
May 7th Super Saturday
April 23-24th Broken Hill Benchrest
April 16-17th Morgan - Mid Murray Championship Results
April 2nd Super Saturday
(WOW! - exciting finish to the Air Rifle Finals!!! Congratulations to Jack! And Congratuations to both Robin and Michael for a great finish in the 50m Prone finals)
March 19-20th Pt Augusta Open Competition
March 5th Super Saturday
February 27 & 28th TRSA State Benchrest & Alternative Events Championships
Classes 1 & 3 20m
Classes 1 & 3 50m
Classes 1 & 3 Dual Range Benchrest Champs
Supported Air Rifle
Prone - Any Sights & Prone Class 1 Rifle
February 6th Super Saturday
December 11-13th Shooting Australia Cup
November 14 & 15th Wingfield Club Open
October 31st Super Saturday
October 17 -18th Renmark Open Results
October 3-5th MASTERS GAMES

20m Prone, 50m Benchrest (1&3), 3x20

50m Prone, Dual Range Prone, 20m Benchrest (1&3), Dual Range Benchrest and Air Rifle Standing

Supported Air Rifle, Any Sights 50m Prone, 3x40

September 19-20th Narcoorte Results:
22 Events
Air Events
September 12th Super Saturday
August 8th Super Saturday
August 1 & 2nd Benchrest Cup
(Sincere thanks to both Mina and Joel for their work to ensure results were published)
July 25th Morialta Club Shoot
July 11th Super Saturday
June 13th Super Saturday
May 16 & 17th State ISSF & 20m Championships:
Results for 3P, Air, 50m Prone
Results for 20m and Dual Range
May 2nd Super Saturday
April 25 & 26th Broken Hill Benchrest
April 18 & 19th Morgan Open
April 11th Super Saturday (the new name for our new event!)
March 21 & 22nd ETSA Pt Augusta Open
March 13-15th Aus Cup 2 in Adelaide
(Sincere thanks to all the SA members who assisted in making this a success)
February 28th
- March 1st
State Benchrest & Alternative Events Championship
November 16 & 17th Wingfield Open Results
November 9th Morialta Cup Competition Results
October 10 - 20th Renmark Open Results
October 12 & 13th East Marden Open Results
September 21 & 22nd Narcoorte Open Results:
22 rifle events
Air Rifle events
September 14 & 15th AISL Cup in Adelaide
August 17 & 18th 8th Benchrest Cup
July 27 & 28th Inter-Club Teams Competition
June 22 & 23rd ETSA Pt Augusta Open
June 1 & 2nd 50 Metres Marathon
(Congratulations to Robin Fleming for a consistent shoot to to come in 1st place and to Tim Butler for the top rifle.)
May 18 & 19th State ISSF and 20m Prone Championship
May 4 & 5th State Benchrest and Alternative events Championship
April 20 & 21st Silver City Benchrest Results
Winners Photo
April 13 & 14th Morgan - Mid-Murray Open
April 6th Test Event for Benchrest - Decimal Scored
Test Event for Benchrest - Normal Scoring
March 23rd Junior Air Rifle Challenge
March 9th Test Event for Air Rifle
November 17 & 18th Wingfield Club Open
November - December Inter-Club 20 metres Postal Teams - Round 3
Congratulations to the Division winners - Peter Eyers (Wingfield), Don Gowland (Adelaide), and Mick Couzner (East Marden)
Congratulations to the Adelaide Club for winning Division 2.
Congratulations to the Wingfield Club for winning Division 1.
October 13 & 14th Renmark Open Shoot:
Saturday 90m Results
Sunday 20 metres
Sunday 50 metres
September 29th Class 1 - Bunny Gun Challenge
September 8th Junior Air Rifle Challenge
August 25 & 26th Naracoorte Open
August 12th Benchrest Cup
July 28 & 29th Inter-Club Teams Challenge
May 26 & 27th State Championships - Benchrest and Alternative Events
April 28 & 29th Broken Hill Benchrest
March 24 & 25th Morgan Open
March 10-12th 2012 State Championships (ISSF events & 20m Prone)
March 3rd Junior Air Rifle Challenge
November 19 & 20th Wingfield Open
November 13th Air Rifle Repechage
The Winners
The Match
(Congratulations to Emma Adams 1st, Jack Rossiter 2nd, and Coral Malone and Sasa Krecinic both 3rd)
November 12th 50 MetreMarathon - Handicap Results
Off Rifle/Graded Results
November 5 & 6th East Marden Open
October 21 - 22nd Renmark - 90m Saturday
Renmark "up the range' Sunday

Day 1:
3x20 Three Position
20 Metres Prone
50 Metres Benchrest Class 1
50 Metres Benchrest Class 3

Day 2:
20 Metres Benchrest Class 1
Dual Range Benchrest Class 1
20 Metres Benchrest Class 3
Dual Range Benchrest Class 3
Air Rifle
50 Metres Prone
Dual Range Prone

Day 3:
3x40 Three Position
50 Metres Any Sight Prone Match
Air Supported

October 1st Bunny Gun Fun Match (Class 1 Challenge)
September 11th Air Rifle Repechage - Photos of winners and event under-way
August 27 - 28th Narcoorte Open
August 20th 12 Hour Shoot
August 6 - 7th 6th Benchrest Cup
Photo of Class 3 A Grade Winners
Air Supported Section
Photo of Junior Winners
July 16th Class 1 Bunny Gun Challenge Match
July 2 & 3rd Winter Carnival
June 18th St Alban Air Rifle Match - Congratulations to Rod Frisby 1st (367), Dennis Colmer 2nd (366) and Libby Kosmala 3rd (345)
June 11 & 12th Mildura Open:
Dual Range Prone
Dual Range Benchrest Class 3
50m Class 1 Benchrest
Air Rifle
Three Position
May 28 & 29th State Benchrest & Alternative Events Championship
May 7 & 8th Morgan - Reynella Open Shoot
April 30 - May 1st Silver City Benchrest Shoot
April 11th Final Results of the Inter-Club Prone Teams (Including indivual event)
Congratulations to Monarto
April 1 - 4th Narcoorte Masters Games
February 26 & 27th State Championships - ISSF and 20 metres prone events
November 28th Final Round Benchrest Club Teams
Individual Event
November 20-21st Wingfield Open
November 6th 50 Metres Marathon Enduro:
Scores for each round
Handicap Results
Graded Off Rifle Results
October 31st East Marden Open
October 25th 50 Metres Benchrest Club Teams - Round 2
October 23rd BSA Shield State Team
October 16 & 17th Renmark Open Shoot:
Results Saturday
Results Sunday
October 2 & 3rd Spring Carnival
October 9th Bunny Gun Fun Match
September 25 & 26th 12-24 Hour Shoot
Score Results
Graph Results
Congratulations to the winnin g team - Emma Woodroofe and Nicholas Ioakim
Congratulations to all the shooters who made the distance!
September 20th First Round - 50m Benchrest Teams
September 12th Air Rifle Repechage
Congratulations to Libby Kosmala (1st) and Emma Adams (2) and thankt to the 17 contestants for a good competition. See you all next time!
September 4 & 5th Narcoorte Open Shoot
August 21st St Alban Trophy Match - Congratulations to Rod Frisby (1st), Peter Lehman (2nd) and Dennis Colmer (3rd)
August 7 & 8th Benchrest Cup
June 26 & 27th Monarto Open Shoot
June 12 & 13th Mildura - North-West Victoria Championships
May 29 & 30th STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS (Benchrest, Any Sights, Air Supported)
50m PRONE night teams 2010 Final Results
Individual Section
April 24 & 25th Broken Hill Benchrest Shoot
April 17 & 18th Reynella/Morgan Open Shoot
February 27 & 28th Summer Carnival
February 13th Marathon Enduro 50 Metres
October, November, December Results of the Inter-Club Benchrest Teams Competition - Final
Individual Graded Results
November 21 & 22nd Wingfield Club Open Competition
November 1st East Marden Open Competition
October 17 & 18th Renmark Open Competition:
Saturday - 90 Metres
Sunday - 20, 50, 90
September 5 & 6th Narcoorte Open Competition:
Ranges 20m, 90 & 50m
Aggregate Results
Air Standing & Bench
August 1 & 2nd 4th Benchrest Cup:
Aggregate Results for Classes 1, 2 & 3
Results for Air Bench
June 20 & 21st State Winter Carnival
June 6 & 7th Mildura Open:
Benchrest Class 3 - 20m & 50m Dual Range
Benchrest Class 1
Three Position
Air Rifle Standing
May 30 & 31st State Championships for BENCHREST (CLASSES 1, 2 & 3), AIR BENCH AND ANY SIGHST - 20M & 50M)
May 16 & 17th State Championships for:
April 25 & 26th Silver City Benchrest Competition
April 18 & 19th Morgan Open Competition Results
Pictures of Range Improvements
Pictures of Presentation
April 6 - 14th 2009 National Championships held in Adelaide
March 7th Marathon Enduro 50 Metres Match
March 2nd - 50m Night Teams Final Club Teams
Individual Graded Competition Results
Congratulations to Adelaide Blue (1st), Monarto Green (2nd) and Adelaide A (3rd)
February 21 & 22nd State Summer Carnival
January 24 & 25th 12-24 Hours Air Rifle Shoot:
Pictures around the range
12-24 Hour Handicap Team Shoot
Individual Off Rifle Results
Junior Off Rifle Results
12 Hour Benchrest Air Rifle & Off Rifle
November 24 & 25th Wingfield Open Shoot
October 28th East Marden Open Shoot
October 21 & 22nd Nenmark Open Shoot
October 10 - 14th Masters Games (Result & Photos):
20 Metres
50 Metres
Dual Range
Air Rifle
Any Sights
Air Prone Disabled
August 4 & 5th 2nd Benchrest Cup